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Overheard In My Newsroom: Part 1

(Also written for my other blog,, which marks my time as a page designer.)

Here at work, with the scanner constantly going on in the background and idle (and always curious) hands waiting for a story to place on the page, you get a lot of ridiculous conversations. Better yet, you get a lot of random outbursts that quickly draw us all out of our computer-screen staring match and into a cluster of questions and inappropriate jokes.

Here’s a few from the past week:

Pictures and updates on the sea turtle showing off his prosthetic limb. Check it out!

"I’m going Walt Whitman on this cover’s ass." (In regard to a headline inspiration)

A man who continually burns his meal and then walks around town with it, compliments of the police scanner.

"Who’s your arch enemy, Pe Pe LePew?" (Now this one could use some explanation. After my boss’s dog got in a fight with a skunk, their home and his hands now smell like they too joined in the fight with the smelly creature. …or so I’m told. I couldn’t smell it. Having dubbed that my super power, he asked me the aforementioned question. My response? "We do not mention his name, the black and white b******.")

Tune in periodically as I keep note of these words of wisdom and bring them to you all.